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Our software development team is experienced in designing and deploying enterprise class applications for different industries. We develop custom web applications and software across a wide range of technology platforms, to ensure successful implementation of your business strategies and enhancement of your operational excellence.

Our application development team is experienced in software life-cycle management; including project management, specification development, software development, implementation, maintenance, support, and marketing. They take their first step with a detailed understanding of the client’s objective, in the light of which the solutions are then structured, developed, tested and implemented in close collaboration with the client. Our Application Development process includes:

Rich Internet Applications:

iENGINEERING has always kept up the tradition of adapting the latest trends and technologies present in today’s market, development of RIA’s (Rich Internet Applications) to provide customers with the most modern solutions is an example of this.

Rich Internet applications (RIA) are Web applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications. RIAs offer the flexibility and ease of use of an intelligent desktop application, and add the broad reach of traditional web applications. They employ a client engine to interact with the user. They are richer as they can offer user-interface not obtainable using only the HTML widgets available to standard browser-based Web applications. Their interface behaviors are typically much more responsive than those of a standard Web browser which must always interact with a remote server.

We are there to provide you with the best offshore, desktop application development processes, whether it be a simple desktop Application or an RIA.

Web Services

iENGINEERING offers its valued offshore customers, enhancements in their existing Internet infrastructure by adding critical web services to their service portfolio. Following a comprehensive, step-by-step methodology, iENGINEERING provides custom web services to meet your technology requirements. Our Web application development methodology covers:

  Requirements Analysis
  Requirements Definition
  Project Planning
  Technology and Manpower Assessment
  Systems Analysis and Design
  Rapid Prototyping
  Application Development
  Providing Test Codes
  Application Support & Guidance

Web Portals

By the integration of Internet technology and security of your network, iENGINEERING helps you create a corporate portal to serve as the foundation for your knowledgebase, project management system, decision support system, business-to-business extranet and more.

Web portals provide powerful information sharing and e-business through the web, aggregating information from multiple sources on the web and organizing this material in an easy manner. To automate business to business transactions, our web services extend these systems by providing tools and languages to establish and manage interactions among Web accessible software applications.

Every web portal that we deliver offshore to our clients follows the principles of meeting deadlines, satisfying client’s preferences and risk management.

Line-Of-Business Web Applications

iENGINEERING’s team has successfully implemented a number of critical business applications for its valuable customers, and is capable of delivering excellent quality software in this area. We provide a comprehensive suite of business applications to people, who are conscious about quality and reliability. The areas where iENGINEERING provides its expertise to its valuable customers include e-commerce applications, web enabled project management systems, executive information systems and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

We are always looking forward to provide you state of the art business solutions that will equip you with the strength to achieve your targets.

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