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“Defense is our best attack.” Jay Weatherill

With the rapidly changing trends of warfare, it is extremely important for security agencies to implement systems that can detect the presence of such a threat well before it can inflict any harm. iENGINEERING is partnered with ARA (Applied Research Associates) Inc. of the United States. We represent ARA in Pakistan for its perimeter security and other products. ARA offers a variety of military grade security solutions as well as research and development services emphasizing national defense and border security.

Integrated Facility and Border Security Solution

Integrated Facility and Border Security Solution is a highly scalable integrated system for the protection of large areas. It provides all-weather, day/night large area intrusion detection and immediate visual assessment, integrating ARA-recommended or user-specified intrusion detection systems such as:

Pathfinder is a Military grade expendable, affordable, actionable, and undetectable early warning capability based on seismic sensors that identifies threat movement patterns, routes, key locations, and intent.

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The K-Hawk sUAS provides real-time direct situational awareness and reconnaissance with an automatic “fly to cue” capability from Pathfinder footstep detection sensors.

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The RAPID system is a cost-effective, mobile, and highly capable solution for wide area intrusion detection. RAPID provides a complete mobile infrastructure for deploying intrusion detection, surveillance, assessment, and communications assets.

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Sentinel provides enhanced situational awareness of the operational area of interest. Visualizations, in the form of GIS map, Video, user-defined Alarm and Alert zones and Common Operational Picture (COP).

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